Nye kampagnebilleder for NOOR11 – fotograferet af Mariya Pepelanova:NORR1122870NORR1122900NORR1122918NORR1122937NORR1122941NORR1122987NORR1123027NORR1123050NORR1123059NORR1123073NORR1123098NORR1123107NORR1123114NORR1123150NORR1123164NORR1123192NORR1123206NORR1123233NORR1123245NORR1123259NORR1123269NORR1123306_graaNORR1123332NORR1123343NORR1123359NORR1123390

Nedenfor de billeder jeg lavede sammen med Mikkel Adsbøl for NORR11 for tre år siden:

scandinavian_design_1 (1)prodotti-67950-vrel59c2ed2426ed4b6db23a71bddf1a6540scandinavian_design_3scandinavian_design_4scandinavian_design_5norr-002-575x295 norr11-langue-chair-1

Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl, Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen

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